STEM+C PI Summit

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Challenges Showcase

When things get tough, the tough get going. In this session STEM+C PIs share stories of some of their greatest challenges as leaders of STEM+C projects and some of the strategies they employed to minimize the damage and/or overcome them. Challenges to be shared include: addressing the intersection of science, engineering and CS; implementation in school-based settings; assessing CT in youth children; enticing practitioners to participate in research and helping teachers determine what counts as CT. After we mull over these examples, and share some of our own strategies with the speakers, we will share our own challenges with table partners, and then post those challenges on newsprint around the room. At the end of this session a Gallery Walk will help us understand better where STEM+C challenges cluster.

Thursday, Sept 19 3:30-4:30
Room Sessions
Edison Ballroom
  • A Study of a Technology-enhanced Curriculum Integrating Science, Engineering Design, and Computational Modeling to Achieve Synergistic Learning with Elementary Students - Kevin McElhaney slides(pdf)
  • BRIGHT-CS: Building Student Retention through Individuated Guided coHort Training in Computer Science - Ryoko Yamaguchi slides(pdf)
  • Computing in Elementary School: An Exploration of Computational Thinking Approaches and Concepts Across Disciplines - Sara Sweetman slides(pdf)
  • CS for All and Physics for All in Secondary Ed: An exploration into Bootstrap for Modeling in Physics First - Colleen Mdgowan-Romanowicz slides(pdf)
  • Integrating Computational Thinking into the Insights Elementary Science Curriculum - Kevin Waterman slides(pdf)
  • Integrating Computational Thinking into Mathematics Instruction in Rural and Urban Preschools - Heather Lavigne slides(pdf)