STEM+C PI Summit

Legislative Visits

What are Legislative Visits?

Legislative visits are optional information sharing meetings where PIs and project team members meet individually or in groups with legislators (or their aides) to share information about their STEM+C project goals and activities, what participants are being served, and to provide opportunities for legislators to ask questions about their project work. The legislative visits are a wonderful way to disseminate information about your project to policy-makers and, also, to get to know your legislators better.

When are the Legislative Visits?

Legislative visits that are associated with this year’s STEM+C Summit can be scheduled during the below times. However, your project is not limited to these time frames and you can schedule a meeting with your legislature at any time to talk about the work of the STEM+C program. Tuesday, September 17 (9am-5pm) Wednesday, September 18th (9-11am) Friday, September 20, 2019 (2-5pm)

How do I participate in the Legislative Visits?

Because NSF is funded by the legislature, they are adamant that specific guidelines are followed when the visits are associated with any formal NSF events. To ensure that you understood these guidelines, and to help you prepare for your visit(s) we hosted two informational webinars. The first, was an Orientation webinar which was mandatory for those who were interested in participating in the legislative visits. The second was a Q&A session. If you weren’t able to attend either webinar and are still interested in learning about them, please review the presentation slides.

The presentation slides will review guidelines and logistics including how to set up appointments, prepare leave-behind packages and talking points.

Presentation Slides

Who do I contact if I have questions about Legislative Visits?

Contact if you have additional questions.