STEM+C PI Summit


Special Thanks

The meeting chairs, summit staff, and steering committee would especially like to thank Arlene de Strulle, Wyn Jennings, Ferdinand Rivera, Chia Shen, and the entire team of NSF Program Officers and NSF staff for their support and guidance that made this summit possible.

Meeting Chairs

Joyce Malyn-Smith, Education Development Center

Sarita Pillai, Education Development Center

Steering Committee Members

The meeting chairs and project staff would like to thank the steering committee for the innovative ideas and thoughtful input that helped us shape the agenda for this summit.

Philip Bell, University of Washington

Chris Crawford, University of Alabama

Diana Franklin, University of Chicago

Paul Goldenberg, Education Development Center

Shuchi Grover, Stanford University/LookingGlass Ventures

H. Chad Lane, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Irene Lee, MIT

Arnulfo Perez, Ohio State University

Gilly Puttick, TERC

Christopher Wright, Drexel University

Project Staff

Brianna Roche, Education Developoment Center

Melody Hachey, Education Development Center

Heidi Larson, Education Development Center

Amy Lozen, Meeting Services

Lydia Perry, Education Development Center